Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blueberries, McDonalds and Slab Pie OH MY!

This weekend Dirk and I went home (back to Holland) and took the kids blueberry picking. This is the 3rd year Dirk and I have brought Mackenzee blueberry picking and Logans 2nd year! They both seemed to have tons of fun! Dirk's Mom and brother Josh came along too!!!

Kenzee and Logan by the Gold Barn Sign!

Logan proud of the blueberries he picked!
Kenzee snacking on the blueberries she picked
Dirks mom picking blueberries! She's a pro!
Kenzee, Logan and Dirk having so much fun!

After blueberry picking we went to McDonald's to feed the kids lunch and so that they could play in the Play place!
Kenzee loved the slide at McDonald's
Logan being silly in the tunnel
My two favorite kids!
Little Miss Kenzee!

Made My mom a Sour Cherry Slab Pie with Lemon glaze for her birthday, She seemed to like it, so did everyone else who ate it!
This is what it looked like inside!
Made Dirk a blueberry slab pie today with the blueberries that we picked last weekend!

Click HERE for the recipe for slab pie! So yummy!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Salsa, Bubbles and Empty Basements

This update is for my sister who keeps bugging me because i haven't updated in two weeks!

We have been home the last two weekends for family functions at home at so i have a lot of pictures of what has been going on in our lives!

These are pictures of my mom making homemade salsa, its so yummy, I'm trying to convince here to enter us in the salsa making contest at the farmers market this year!

This is Mackenzee and Logan playing bubbles outside on 4th of July weekend!!

Annie I thought you would like this picture! Its you! LOL
This is my parents garage with everything that used to be in our basement, its crazy full!

These are pictures of what are basement looks like after the flood a couple of weeks ago. My dad and Eric had to take out all the carpet and they had fans in the house drying it for a week! My dad still has to pull out more drywall!

So there you go sister! An update! I promise i will try and do it more often!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Setting up House (well apartment)

Haven't updated in a while so i guess i will post on whats new in the life of Nichole and Dirk.

Dirk is working hard doing research everyday at Notre Dame, he likes it a lot and is making new friends. He is also working on setting up all of our electronics in our apartment and putting up all the pictures and art on the walls that i want!

I am still working on finding a job, My resume is out in the internet world and I'm hoping to find a job soon! We almost have the apartment completely together, we just need a couple more things and are apartment will feel like home!

Here are some new pics of whats going on in our lives right now!

This is the bookshelf that my parents bought us as a wedding gift, most of those books are Dirks. This one is in our bedroom!

This is the "Bookshelf" in our living room, Really we use it as a TV stand and to hold DVD's but its also one that my parents bought us!

This is Dirks desk area with wedding pictures above his desk!

This is Just a fun thing that Dirk and I saw Downtown Holland today when we were watching the street performers with my mom!

That's all for now! Another update to come soon!!!