Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Morning!

***** Warning BIG picture post *****

Christmas morning was spent at my parents house, and goodness was the house FULL!!

Dirk and the Kids posing by the tree waiting for the grandparents to get here for Christmas morning!
The kids sitting in front of the tree and all of the presents!

Grandpa thought it would be fun to try on Logan's Transformers mask that he got for Christmas.
Kenzee got a new baby, She decided on the name Mary.
My parents got me a 5lb bag of Gummy Bears! The good kind too!!!!
Dirk got me a Johnny Cupcakes purse! I was so surprised!
Kenzee looking at her snap and style dogs!
Dad was excited about the TV that Annie, Jimmy, Dirk, Mom, and I got him!
Dirk rocking his new scarf that I got him.
Annie <3 seasoned home!
Mom and her Gift basket that Dirk and I got her for Christmas, she really liked the glass water bottle.

Christmas morning was a blast and there are a lot of fun new toys for everyone to play with! I hope everyone had a great and wonderful Christmas!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Snowball Fights and a Christmas Tree!

Last weekend Dirk and I decided to head back to Holland for the weekend. Friday night my parents headed to the airport to pick up my grandma who flew in from Arizona to spend Christmas with us. We all decided to meet up at Olive Garden for dinner.

Saturday was spent hanging out at home with the whole family (minus Annie and Jimmy..sad) We watched some Christmas movies and the kids played with Papa Mike! They love to wrestle and sit on him!

See!!! The kids and Papa Mike wrestling!

Sunday we went to get my parents Christmas tree! Kenzee and Logan discovered the fun of snowball fights. So instead of looking at trees they spent there time hitting Dirk and Papa Mike and Eric with Snowballs!

Dad and Eric Cutting down the Christmas Tree!
Dad getting revenge against the kids in a snowball fight!
Kenzee getting ready to throw a snowball at Dirk!
Kenzee getting her snowball ready!

The kids had tons of fun cutting down the tree and having snowball fights and Dirk and i look forward to many more snowball fights over Christmas break!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Downtown Fun

This past weekend Dirk and I decided that it would be fun to take Kenzee and Logan to the Christmas Market and downtown for some shopping, Dirks mom joined us too! We didn't do much shopping but it was fun to spend time with the kids!

If you havent been to the Holland Christmas market you need to go! Dirk and I bought a cute little Christmas tree and the kids helped pick it out. Logan and Dirk decided to name it Henry!

After walking around the Christmas market for a while Kenzee and Logan started to get bored so we headed downtown. Kenzee for some reason wanted to see a statue, Logan wasnt to sure about that. Dirk and i brought them to the statue next to Sandcastle of the little girl singing. They were both a little scared at first but after that they had fun!

We headed to the the Sandcastle toy shop where the kids had fun looking around at all the toys and playing with the train set!

After the toy store it was off to the candy store so that the kids could get some treats! I think they had more fun outside the candy store playing with the squirrels but that's okay!

We had a great day spending time with the kids and can't wait till we are home for Christmas to spend more time with them! :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


WOW! I need to update more often! I'm a horrible blogger! :) I promise to update more, or at least try!

So, Dirk and I went home for Thanksgiving. On Thursday we had Thanksgiving with my family and on Friday night we had Thanksgiving dinner with his family.

Here are some fun pictures from our family Thanksgivings!

Peanut and Logan in the kitchen. They were helping me make pie. Dirk told Logan to smile and this is what he chose to do! He is a silly kid.

Fun Turkey napkins that Dirk and I bought for Thanksgiving dinner.

Apple Slab pie for Thanksgiving dinner. This is mom's favorite.
Our Thanksgiving Dinner! YUM! Mom, Sara, and I cooked :) Grandpa made the Turkey!
These are the mini pumpkin pies that Logan and Kenzee helped me make.

Dirk just being Dirk

Aunt Linda and Grandma Huizenga at Dirk's Family Thanksgiving!
MOM!!!! :)
Nathan, Dirks Cousin, Just chilling on the couch after dinner!

Dirk and I had a great Thanksgiving weekend and we cant wait to go home for Christmas and spend more time with family!

Another update soon!!! PROMISE!!!