Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Morning!

***** Warning BIG picture post *****

Christmas morning was spent at my parents house, and goodness was the house FULL!!

Dirk and the Kids posing by the tree waiting for the grandparents to get here for Christmas morning!
The kids sitting in front of the tree and all of the presents!

Grandpa thought it would be fun to try on Logan's Transformers mask that he got for Christmas.
Kenzee got a new baby, She decided on the name Mary.
My parents got me a 5lb bag of Gummy Bears! The good kind too!!!!
Dirk got me a Johnny Cupcakes purse! I was so surprised!
Kenzee looking at her snap and style dogs!
Dad was excited about the TV that Annie, Jimmy, Dirk, Mom, and I got him!
Dirk rocking his new scarf that I got him.
Annie <3 seasoned home!
Mom and her Gift basket that Dirk and I got her for Christmas, she really liked the glass water bottle.

Christmas morning was a blast and there are a lot of fun new toys for everyone to play with! I hope everyone had a great and wonderful Christmas!