Thursday, December 3, 2009

Downtown Fun

This past weekend Dirk and I decided that it would be fun to take Kenzee and Logan to the Christmas Market and downtown for some shopping, Dirks mom joined us too! We didn't do much shopping but it was fun to spend time with the kids!

If you havent been to the Holland Christmas market you need to go! Dirk and I bought a cute little Christmas tree and the kids helped pick it out. Logan and Dirk decided to name it Henry!

After walking around the Christmas market for a while Kenzee and Logan started to get bored so we headed downtown. Kenzee for some reason wanted to see a statue, Logan wasnt to sure about that. Dirk and i brought them to the statue next to Sandcastle of the little girl singing. They were both a little scared at first but after that they had fun!

We headed to the the Sandcastle toy shop where the kids had fun looking around at all the toys and playing with the train set!

After the toy store it was off to the candy store so that the kids could get some treats! I think they had more fun outside the candy store playing with the squirrels but that's okay!

We had a great day spending time with the kids and can't wait till we are home for Christmas to spend more time with them! :)