Wednesday, December 2, 2009


WOW! I need to update more often! I'm a horrible blogger! :) I promise to update more, or at least try!

So, Dirk and I went home for Thanksgiving. On Thursday we had Thanksgiving with my family and on Friday night we had Thanksgiving dinner with his family.

Here are some fun pictures from our family Thanksgivings!

Peanut and Logan in the kitchen. They were helping me make pie. Dirk told Logan to smile and this is what he chose to do! He is a silly kid.

Fun Turkey napkins that Dirk and I bought for Thanksgiving dinner.

Apple Slab pie for Thanksgiving dinner. This is mom's favorite.
Our Thanksgiving Dinner! YUM! Mom, Sara, and I cooked :) Grandpa made the Turkey!
These are the mini pumpkin pies that Logan and Kenzee helped me make.

Dirk just being Dirk

Aunt Linda and Grandma Huizenga at Dirk's Family Thanksgiving!
MOM!!!! :)
Nathan, Dirks Cousin, Just chilling on the couch after dinner!

Dirk and I had a great Thanksgiving weekend and we cant wait to go home for Christmas and spend more time with family!

Another update soon!!! PROMISE!!!


Annie said...

bout time!! love you

Lanie Ree said...

The Turkey napkins!

The mini pumpkin pies!

I love these things.