Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall Fun!

WOW! I can't believe its October already!

Dirk and I have been keeping busy and doing some fun fall things back in Michigan!

Two weekends ago Dirk and I were back in Michigan for our traditional Apple Picking Saturday. We have been going apple picking for 5 years now and we love it!

Our first stop in our apple picking adventure is ALWAYS the Dutch Famers Market in Pullman! Its a cute little building with Apples and gourds and cider and donuts and so much stuff! We bought some gourds and went on our way to our next stop CRANES!

Dirk at Cranes!

YUM! They still had honeycrisp so we HAD to get some!
Dirk loves Apple picking

All of our yummy apples!

After apple picking we went to a few more little markets and got some mini gourds and some doughnuts and apple cider for Dirks family and mine! Yum!

Saturday night we headed to Artprize in Grand Rapids! It was so fun!

This is Nessie, He's in the Grand River, He was really cool!
This is class tidal wave, they were adding glass to it, and on the last days they are taking out the supports so the wave will crash over itself
This is a paper mache piece that was part of a paper mache parade
This is a giant baby! He was fun! :)Annie this one is for you! This is a Salad mom got, the ball on top is fresh mozzarella and it was filled with balsamic whipped cream, the guy filled it up in front of us!

We went home this past Sunday and Dirk and peanut and logan decided to play outside and rake leaves.. Dirk made them a pile of leaves to jump in and they had tons of fun!

Logan, Kenzee, and Dirk raking leaves
Awww Love!
Logan raking leaves! Such a big helper!
Just relaxing in the leaves, silly kids!
Jumping Peanut!
This is our Kitchen Table all decorated for fall!


Lanie Ree said...

Oh! This makes me miss michigan SO MUCH!! I love apple picking. And cider and doughnuts and leaves and everything that makes fall so wonderful!

Magistros = MC² said...

Oh I miss Michigan too. I wish there was a place to go Apple picking out here! That all looks like so much fun though! I'm jealous that you got to see Nessie :-P