Thursday, September 17, 2009

Random Update!

So i haven't updated in forever so i thought now would be a good time since i don't work today!

Things here have been going great! Dirk has officially started his schooling at Notre Dame and is on his way to getting his PHD! He's keeping very busy with homework and being a TA for a class but is doing really well!

I am working at Notre Dame as well, i work in the North Dining Hall. Basically a lunch lady minus the hair net and serving the students food (there old enough to get there own!) Its been fun and hopefully i will be able to work my way into the kitchen there and start cooking instead of serving.

Since i haven't updated in a while here are some pictures of whats been going on since the last time i have updated!

Logan Had his 4th Birthday at our apartment! It was fun to have the whole family (well almost the whole family, ANNIE & JIMMY WE MISS YOU) there!
Logan got some neat batman toys this year!
OH! Dirk and i FINALLY got a bed at we love it!
Last time we went home we decided to go to Pronto Pup!
Kenzee, Logan and Dirk in the boat!
The kids eating pretzels!


Annie said...

i never been to pronto pup. :( I sad