Thursday, October 20, 2011

Utah Trip

Two weeks ago my family and Dirk and I headed to Utah to visit my sister and surprise her for her birthday! After 26+ hours we finally made it to Utah. It was a long trip but the end result was great! Annie was so surprised and so happy! Here are some fun pictures from the trip.

Snow. Yes it snowed, it was cold! This was on the way there.

This is the view from my sisters window in her house. So pretty!

This is Annie and Kenzee dancing to Annie's birthday dinner song. Logan is playing the tambourine
Our first day there we went to Bridal veil falls. It was cold but really pretty. This is Dirk and I in front of part of the falls!

Peanut and Logan looking cute in front of the falls.

Sister love!!!!

After the falls we headed to Cornbellys. They have fun fall things to do. This was a jumping pillow that we all had fun on!

This is the Beast! You can walk through him and see his intestines. He gets haunted at night.

Not so much snow on the way home.

The trip was fun. The ride home was LONG! It was totally worth it though because Annie loved it!