Monday, January 11, 2010

Randomness and Lasagna!

Dirk and I have decided to do a little organizing around the apartment and the area we decided to start with was the spot right by our door. We were sick of the way the shoes looked and how messy it was when you first walked in. This was our solution.

This holds a paper shredder and a little basket to hold our mail.
Our solution to messy shoes, and hats and scarfs, and it's just all around cute! Up close of the pictures and the picture frame. The candle smells like margaritas! YUM!
Another picture frame that we got for the apartment.
LOOK MOM & DAD! We used the bubble and browns you bought us! I love it!!!


Annie said...

fun times!! Seriously, take your receipt in since they are on sale this week!

naidra said...

Your apartment looks great! How are you + Dirk?