Saturday, June 20, 2009

Flooding in Holland

So Dirk and I came home (back to Holland) for fathers day weekend. We came home Friday afternoon and decided to parade of homes with my parents. The second to last home we went to it started to downpour outside! We ended up heading toward home at about 9pm and by that time it had been raining about an hour!

When we arrived on our street it was flooded! It was hard to even attempt to get to our house. We ended up taking a side street to get home (not a good idea!) Well the car ended up getting stuck! The water was DEEP and it was flooding my moms car! Some nice man in a truck pushed us out and pushed us to our house! During all this it is still raining HARD CORE!

Friday night many cars got stuck in the water on our road. We ended up letting 2 random people leave there dead water logged cars in our driveway overnight.

All over Holland is flooded, roads have washed away and basements are a mess (our included!) Hopefully no more water comes, and Holland starts to dry out! These are pictures of what happened this weekend!This is Aniline! That water right there is where many cars got stuck the night before, and this is after it went down a lot!

This is Garfield, its off of Aniline, This is where my moms car died! Look how far the water is up on the fire hydrant!This is my parents back yard, the lumber that is floating, is from the neighbors house who just took down his pool!This is where a lot of cars died

The water is starting to go down, you can see where the water used to be!

A van decides to risk the water! Is it to deep! Nope successful!
This is part of our yard, and the neighbors and then it goes into Garfield! What a MESS! That is what ended up in our basement, and many other basements in the neighborhood. Lots of work ahead of a lot of people in Holland!