Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Fair, The Beach and Game Night!

So last weekend Dirk and I headed back to Holland again (you would think we still live there.) The Fair was going on and we decided to go with Eric and Sara and the Kids and have some fun! Kenzee and Logan were chickens when it came to some rides, but other rides they loved. Logan loved the big slide and Mackenzee was a big fan of the Bumper cars!

This is Sara and Logan on the big slide. Logan was to little to go down on his own so either Sara or I had to take him!
Kenzee and I in the bumper cars, again i had to be with her because she is to little to be alone, but we had fun!
Isn't she the cutest!

So we had game night at my parents house Saturday night and played a four hour game of Phase 10, it was a long night of Cards and Snacks and Margaritas... This was Logan by the end of the night.
Awww tired boy!

Went to the Beach on Sunday! Had tons of fun until i ended up losing my wedding ring and engagement ring in the lake, they still haven't been found so we are going to have to replace them but here are some fun pics!

Dirk just hanging out at the beach
Awww Brother and Sister Love!

Logan being silly!!

Thats all, This weekend Dirk and I are actually staying in Mishawaka and were going to check out the fun things here. Wednesday I start my new job at Notre Dame and i am very excited! Another update next week!


Nichole & Dirk said...
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Annie said...

Logan looks like he had one too many margaritas! (can't spell alcohol words) I miss you and am jealous you get to go home so often!

Mary said...

I wish our fair still had bumper cars.