Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Maryland and other randomness

So we have arrived in Maryland! (Okay we arrived a week ago and i am just really behind in posting!)

We had a busy couple of weeks leading up to leaving for Maryland. Dirk had his finals for his first year of Grad school and Did great!!! His core classes to get into the program are done and now he moves on to the harder classes and more research to figure out his Thesis!

The week before we left i was in the Hospital for five days with pancreatitis and Gall Bladder issues. All is good now though and they removed my Gall Bladder! Thank you to all my family and Dirks family who came to visit and sent flowers and cards. I appreciate you thinking about me.

We left for Maryland Last week Tuesday and arrived here last week Wednesday. Maryland is okay...I miss home A LOT though!

Dirk started his first day of work this past Monday and so far he is loving it! We are planning some fun things while we are here and planning on visiting a lot of fun places! This weekend we are headed to Baltimore to check out some Farmers Markets and the Aquarium and Charm City Cakes! Im super excited for that!

I leave you with pictures of our new place that we are staying.

This is our living room, nothing to exciting, but it works
This is our kitchen/dining room. No dishwasher!!!! Scary! Good thing Dirk is so good at doing dishes, LOL!
This is our bedroom..
This is the other half of it ...

This is the hallway in our bedroom that leads to the closet and the bathroom is to the right.

This is just a fun picture taken at the Saturday Parade. It was super cold but we had fun! Under Dirks blanket he is in shorts and flip flops, i wore a skirt and flip flops and ended up running across the street to a bike shop and buying a $10 pair of socks because i was so cold!


Annie said...

An update! Wow! Miss you-even though I'm across the countRy!