Monday, June 7, 2010

Baltimore Aquarium!

Yesterday Dirk and i decided to Head to Baltimore to go to the Aquarium. They had a new exhibit that i really wanted to see all about Jelly Fish!

Just a couple pictures of the fun Jellyfish! They were so fun to watch!

Dirk in his 3-D glasses
Me in my 3-D glasses. We went and saw a 4-D movie. It was planet earth pole to pole. It snowed in the theater, and we got sprayed with bubbles and poked in the back by our chairs. There were also bubbles and lots of wind!
This was the octopus that was playing in one of the tanks.
The guy with the stick would wave it above the water of the tank and the fish would spit water at it because they think it is a bug and that is how they catch there food. They were called Archer Fish i think. If you youtube them you can find a video of them spitting.
This was at the dolphin show, obviously its a dolphin...LOL! :)
Me sitting in a fun concrete chair at the harbor.
This is a pirate ship that we saw in the harbor. It has cannons that shoot water and other fun things. We didn't go on it but if you want to ride they dress you up like pirates and they take you all along the harbor and you get to shoot the water cannons at anyone who comes to close :) Sounds like a good time to me!

Dirk and I have had lots of fun at the Aquarium and are planning at least one more trip back to Baltimore to go to a couple cupcake shops (of course) and to maybe take a speedboat ride around the harbor. Next weekend ...Washington D.C.!


Annie said...

Jimmy would be all over that Pirate ship!