Thursday, July 22, 2010

July Randomness

Yes i am finally updating!

July has been a VERY busy month here in Maryland for Dirk and I. It started with me traveling back to Michigan because Dirk was supposed to be going on a business trip, well his dates for that trip got changed last minute but I still went home. After a week in Michigan i came home and we spent the 4th of July in Washington. It was amazing...and HOT!!!! The following weekend Dirk's Mom and Step Dad came to visit us and spent the weekend with us. That Sunday i went back to Michigan with them and Dirk finally went on his trip to New Mexico. We are both back in Maryland now and we are counting down the days till we get to go back home for good. 24 Days and we are heading home! I CANT WAIT!

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to!

Paddington Bear was in the parade, he danced and waved.
Random people carrying giant stick flags
Madeline was there too!
This is where we were to watch the parade...more people just kept coming, it was hot and busy!
The Washington Monument before sundown.
This was our view for the fireworks!
We sat in the same spot for hours on a 100 degree day so we could see the fireworks and that tree was in the way for half of them!

Dirks mom and Step Dad came and we went out and had a traditional Maryland crab dinner!
The following day we took them to see all the sites of Washington.

In front of the Lincoln was busy.
Us with the reflecting pool and the Washington monument in the background. The reflecting pool smells REALLY bad!
Those crabs are my brothers birthday present, we got him a dozen! I brought them back to Michigan with me the second time i went.
Me with one of the crabs..Dont worry they are pre cooked and dead! :)

So that has been out July! We have 3 weekends left here and still so much to see and do. Next up, The Spy Museum, The Holocaust Museum, Georgetown, and Baltimore one last time.


Annie said...

Good pics! I love the holocaust museum! Jealous!